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us all have said we're all in the middle class, except for the very rich who are in some sort of divine class. obviously not aristocrats. i ask you where is the working class, where are the people who repair things with their hands, dig holes and not all illegal immigrants you know. some of them are honest to american. why have they been excluded from the political debate as though they do not exist? it's because politicians have wanted to persuade us all that we're doing rather better than we are and they have ratchetted us into this great lump of classlessness called the middle class. anyway, i shall be looking for the truth, i shall be out looking for the working class. now when we come back we're going to have an extraordinary discussion with two of the most gifted and talented men in washington about america and the world. where it's been, why it's changed its position in the world and peoples attitudes to us as our stature has changed, if not declined. be right back. you'll find it compelling, i assure you. >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean ene
a truly nasty dog. my dog never bit them. we will talk today about the decline of the u.s. postal service, the loss of an enormous number of jobs as the internet has taken away the mail. first-class mail has fallen tremendously. even junk mail has fallen and the post office, that very core of the small town or a village may go away, it may be closed. the actual retail outlet may be close. the postal service itself, an incredible distributive system may be a shadow of its former self. as is western union, a very slight shadow of its former self. these are the times we live in. these are the days of destructive technologies. we will be right back to talk about the post office and you and the post office. ♪ >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean energy future. at exelon, we are acting. by 2020, we are committed to displacing metric tons of greenhouse gases annually, helping our customers and communities reduce their emissions and offering low carbon electricity and the marketplace. we are taking action and we are seeing results. ♪ >> "white house chronicle" is produ
house chronicle." the tragic death of steve jobs reminds us that what changes our lives is not political. the great figures of science and in addition, thomas edison, steve jobs, changed our lives as much or more than politicians. across the landscape there are so many political reporters and people with an interest in politics here in washington. the big story is how technology is changing our lives, making new jobs but subtracting others. i have assembled some of the very best of the political right is in washington. they will be right with us. >> hello again and thank you for coming along. i promise you a great panel in i am d like to be sitting here with that great panel. led by linda gasparello. welcome back to the program. a new hat. >> it is the same hat. >> it is a different hat. i am sure. and from hearst newspapers, chuck lewis. nice to have you back at the table. amd frp, "the new york post," geoff earle. and we have from newsweek, dan stone. you have grown up so much since last time. >> i am starting to grow facial hair. >> i was starting to ask you if you shake. but since yo
at this. a wonderful track. great, great toys. you used to design trucks, and i cannot wait to hear. we will be back. >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean energy future. at exelon, we are acting, to displace 1,500 tons of greenhouse gas, and operating low carbon electricity in the marketplace. actionon, we're taking and seeing results. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. and now your program host, nationally syndicated columnist llewellyn king, and co-host linda gasparello. >> hello again, and thank you for coming along. bill gouse, my guest, is going to discuss with me transportation. how did you get involved in transportation? >> well, i guess it is around the early birthday of mine. i got a truck when i was 2 years old. >> this truck? amazing. and i take you are an adult now? >> i play with these things. i call it that because i'm a designers in -- a designer and policymakers. >> where do we see them? there are so many on the highways, they seem to put out too much diesel excrement. sometimes they cu
. we have on the screen the logo of the u.s. energy association, and that is because at the end of this month, on october 31 and november 1, a unique, important, and serious meeting will take place in houston. we will be going there to cover it. it is looking at the role of energy in the united states going forward. the impact of natural gas, the future of nuclear power, and of course, that old standby, oil. there're so many republican candidates to the presidency who have said whether we can have cheaper, more abundant energy. after 40 years of writing about it, i am personally doubtful, but i am going to houston to take an honest look at it. here is the great panel. linda gasparello of this program. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i see you do not have a red hat. i did sort of hint that a red hat might cheer up the people. >> i might have one or two in the closet. >> we have tim folley, program director of sirius xm radio. we run three times on saturdays on channel 124. if you're interested in politics, that is the channel to listen to. i recently got a new radio, and
. that is what he did for so many years. he kept shaking the back. he kept us shaken, too. absolutely. now we have got some questions about what will happen with the transitional government. when the effect of prime minister of the country, mahmoud jibril, said that when sirte was taken, he would step down. he did not want this to look like there would just be a continuation of, you know, a power grab by the transitional government. but we are going to see whether or not the countries liberated. will he actually step down? and what will happen with the islamic fighters that were there, the ones that were backed by catarrh? >> the question is also how this plays at the white house. here they are every day, practically. >> right afterwards, the day the news came out, jay carney came to the podium humming. i mean, he was clearly a very happy man. >> at the white house, it is mission accomplished, whether it has to do about iraq, afghanistan, anything. >> did a very dangerous. at the moment, the president -- he has gotten osama bin laden, gaddafi. >> and and or al-awlaki. >> the irony of the 2009
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)